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Fourth Person Charged in Brutal Ohio Child Labor Scheme

A sovereign justice currently unblocked charges against a fourth suspect for participating in a labor-trafficking scheme that forced minors to work at egg farms in executive Ohio. The defendant, Pablo Duran Ramirez, was apprehended Saturday by Border Patrol while attempting to cranky the limit between Mexico and the United States. Three other defendants have formerly been convicted for participating in the scheme.

The complaint unblocked currently alleges that Duran Ramirez engaged to yield labor for Trillium Farms while meaningful or being in forward negligence of the fact that some of the workers were being trafficked. In further to the charges for forced labor and for conspiracy, Duran Ramirez is confronting a charge of enlivening another person to illegally enter the United States. Duran Ramirez, 49, is a United States citizen.


Three other defendants have pleaded guilty to participating in the trafficking scheme. Those defendants certified to recruiting workers from Guatemala, some as immature as 14 or 15 years old, secretly earnest them good jobs and a possibility to attend school in the United States. The defendants then smuggled and ecstatic the workers to a trailer park in Marion, Ohio, where they systematic them to live in decayed trailers and to work at physically demanding jobs at Trillium Farms for up to 12 hours a day. The work enclosed cleaning duck coops, loading and unloading crates of chickens, de-beaking chickens and vaccinating chickens. Eight minors and two adults were identified as victims of the scheme.

Aroldo Castillo-Serrano, the lead raider and primary enforcer, was condemned to 188 months in prison. Ana Angelica Pedro-Juan, who oversaw the victims in Ohio, was condemned to 120 months. Conrado Salgado-Soto, who organised jobs for the victims, was condemned to 51 months. The complaint unblocked currently alleges that Salgado-Soto was a subcontractor hired by Duran Ramirez.

At sentencing of the other defendants, Senior United States District Judge James G. Carr found that they threatened workers with earthy mistreat and funded their paychecks in sequence to enforce them to work.

Three additional defendants, including Duran Ramirez’s son, pleaded guilty to enlivening illegal entrance into the United States in tie to the scheme.

The trafficking and swindling depends that Duran Ramirez is charged with lift sentences of up to 20 years. The count of enlivening the entrance of illegal aliens carries a judgment of up to 5 years.

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