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Former Republican Nicole Wallace Wonders If the GOP Is Just ‘Dead Inside’

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Conservative MSNBC horde Nicolle Wallace isn’t penetrating on the Republican Party in the epoch of President Donald Trump, and she done it transparent clear on Wednesday.

A contention about the Republicans’ attempts to criticise the Russia review incited into a pointy reprove of the party itself.

 “If you parasite by all of the feign scandals that the narrow-minded Republicans on the intel committees have tried to arrange of chuck up to, we don’t know what, to confuse — here’s the thing, because don’t they wish to get down to the bottom of Russian collusion?” she asked. “Why don’t they caring about that?” 


 “Are Republicans passed inside?” Wallace semi-rhetorically asked former Congressional Budget Office executive Doug Holtz-Eakin. “Why don’t Republicans caring that a Republican-led Justice Department, a Republican-led FBI, led by men allocated by Donald Trump is being dirty and the impression of the men heading those agencies assassinated by people compared with the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party?” 

Holtz-Eakin wasn’t sure. “I apparently can’t answer for a Republican, we don’t know how they consider about this,” he said.

“Can you call some?” Wallace responded. “I mean, what’s wrong with them?”

Watch the clip below.

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