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Former CIA Director Warns Donald Trump Jr. Is Promoting Autocracy

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President Donald Trump’s son Don Jr. told a organisation of regressive activists that an anti-Trump criticism from a singular FBI agent was justification of “people at the top levels of supervision that don’t wish to let America be America.”

His comments prove the strict worried take on the comprehension village that views such agencies as anti-American when their work isn’t in the service of the sitting president’s wishes.

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden, former conduct of the CIA, commented at length on CNN about the disturbing inlet of the younger Trump’s comments.


“I have to confess when we first listened that this eveningit is scary. That is an interest to the heart of sovereignty and severe the nationalism of the folks who work in the United States government,” Hayden said. 

He combined that “imperfect people” don’t “undercut the legitimacy of these institutions.”

“We’re now seeing a consistent attack, not just from the president, but as was suggested just a few mins ago, from other members of the party, aggressive institutions of the American government,” Hayden continued. “It’s those institutions, the order of law, the processes that keep us a free people.”

Hayden voiced faith in American insitutions that are “pushing back” against the Trumps.

“That sound you hear from Washington is actually the sound of American institutions pulling back—whether the law enforcement, the courts, the press, American intelligence,” he said. “[W]e have the NFL and Boy Scouts of America pulling back.” 

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