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Former CIA Director James Woolsey Admits CIA Interferes In Foreign Elections For A “Very Good Cause”

By Aaron Kesel

Former CIA executive James Woolsey has certified the U.S. interferes in unfamiliar elections for a “very good cause.”

In an talk on Fox News, former CIA Director James Woolsey was asked either the U.S. interferes in other countries’ elections, Woolsey responded, “Well, only for a very good means in the interests of democracy.”

“Oh, probably, but it was for the good of the complement in sequence to equivocate communists holding over,” Woolsey told Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show laughing.

According to WikiLeaks, the U.S. government’s own information shows that its low state in the CIA and the military-industrial formidable has meddled in the elections of a whopping 81 unfamiliar governments between 1946 and 2000, including Russia in the 1990s. That’s no shouting matter and honestly worrying.


Perhaps unshockingly those numbers don’t even embody the regime change operations the U.S. has conducted and attempted opposite the universe for the past decade which includes but is not singular to Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Dominican Republic, South Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Syria.

Chillingly, a large 72 of those were between 1947 and 1989, including 66 growth operations and six overt missions according to the Washington Post.

So adequate about CIA coups and regime change, who is James Woolsey the agency’s former director?

Woolsey served as CIA executive under former President Bill Clinton during 1993 – 1995, in which there was only one famous U.S.-helped supervision manoeuvre to have taken place in Somalia in 1993. Although, there is no documented justification to advise that Woolsey was behind or had a palm in Operation Gothic Serpent.

However, some-more notably, years after after his function at the CIA, Woolsey was a member of the infamous Project for the New American Century (PNAC) which called for “a inauspicious and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor,” in its Rebuilding America’s Defenses document. Interestingly, years before Woolsey was also one of the signatories to the Jan 26, 1998 minute sent to President Clinton that called for the dismissal of Saddam Hussein. 

Then on Sep 11th, 2001, Woolsey was one of the first cheerleaders within small hours, appearing on TV suggesting Iraqi complicity in the attacks and compelling allegations that Saddam Hussein harbored WMDs (weapons of mass destruction).

That’s not all. In 2003, the former CIA director, commented on targeting Arab countries with regime change and being “on the side of the Arab people.” In his speech, he mentioned the need for regime change in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Libya. (Woolsey after blamed the 9-11 attacks on Iran and Iraq in 2015.)

Three of the 7 countries ironically and coincidentally were designed invasions whistleblown by U.S. General Wesley Clark who pronounced that “wars were designed almost immediately after 911” by comparison officials in the Pentagon.

Despite Woolsey himself not being obliged for regime change during his reign at the CIA, his antecedents and the group itself is abundant with a story of committing coups and even suggesting domestic fake dwindle attacks against the American people for geopolitical reasons by blaming adversaries like Cuba (Operation Northwoods), and some-more recently suggested Russia to be the bogeyman of the hour as JFK papers detailed.

Then there is CIA agent Miles Copeland, who claims a bloodless manoeuvre took place on Mar 29th in Syria.

The CIA devise called for the use of Husni al-Za’im, former Cheif of Staff of the Syrian Army as their man to overpower then-President Shukri al-Kuwatli.

It isn’t just the stream Assad supervision that the CIA has been trying to overthrow, several Syrian presidents via story have been targeted as distant back as Mar of 1949 when Syria was under the order of President Shukri al-Kuwatli.

This manoeuvre was subsequently followed by several some-more coups in the years to come including — Operation Straggle, Operation Wappen and several assassination plots that eventually led to the arise of Hafez al-Assad being towering to energy in 1971.

The CIA then designed to overpower Hafez al-Assad, the father of stream  President Bashar-al Assad. A CIA report from September, 1983 summarized  the U.S. idea of destabilizing Syria and opening a two-front fight against the country to put vigour on and overpower Hafez al-Assad’s government.

The 1983 secret report called for a U.S. growth operation to implement a  U.S.-allied Iraq as a bottom of attack on Syria. “Iraq competence supply them with sufficient weapons to launch a polite war,” the research said.

While another request in 1986 entitled “Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change,” was authored by the Foreign Subversion and Instability Center, a partial of the CIA’s Mission Center for Global Issues. Its research covered “a series of probable scenarios that could lead  to the ouster of President Assad Bashar al-Assad’s father, Hafez or other thespian change in Syria,” for an oil pipeline.

This brings us to the stream day with the recover of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Within Hillary’s emails from 2001 is the contention of plans to overpower both the Syrian supervision and Iranian government.

Deep state or the shade supervision of snob interests that has embedded itself within Washington has a vested seductiveness in destabilizing Syria and the Middle East to continue an unconstrained fight for the Military Industrial Complex.

WikiLeaks cables years after show the CIA stability its regime change operations in Syria, under Clinton’s State Department in 2011 and the prior George Bush administration when the CIA secretly financed Syrian domestic antithesis groups and associated projects including a satellite TV channel Barada TV, according to tactful cables expelled by WikiLeaks. While another 2006 wire reveals the Bush administration tried to endowment $5 million in grants to “accelerate the work of reformers in Syria.” But no dissidents inside Syria were peaceful to take the money, fearing it would lead to their detain or execution for treason.

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Thanks to Jeremy Hammond and WikiLeaks releasing the Stratfor files, it’s famous that British and American special forces were already on the belligerent advising anti-Assad militants in the first year of the stream Syrian conflict.  Which, coincidentally enough, started in 2011 while the CIA was using an ongoing promotion campaign in Syria.

Even some-more ban is a leaked U.S. tactful cable from 2006 which shows that the U.S. Embassy in Damascus had discussed plans to destabilize the Assad supervision by exploiting “potential vulnerabilities” 5 years before the dispute started.

This is just some of the story accessible that we know about when it comes to some-more new examples of CIA nosiness in unfamiliar countries’ affairs.

Woolsey was on Trump’s transition group and quit abruptly in Jan of last year after Trump challenged the comprehension village for its integrity that Russia meddled in the U.S election.

Unsurprisingly, the former CIA conduct has called for regime change in Syria and North Korea under Trump, job both countries a “problem.”

If it wasn’t pure by now, the former CIA executive has finished it extravagantly pure that the CIA interferes in unfamiliar elections for a “very good cause.” This contributor wonders what the “very good cause” was for recently interfering in France’s 2012 election targeting all major French domestic parties for infiltration by the CIA’s human (“HUMINT”) and electronic (“SIGINT”) spies within just 7 months heading up to the country’s presidential election, which was also revealed by WikiLeaks. So that’s at slightest 82 unfamiliar elections where the U.S. has interfered, with the likely intensity that the series is much aloft since that’s only what we publicly know.

Again, that doesn’t comment for regime change, and drug- and gun-running operations which destabilizes another country.

Woolsey didn’t state accurately what the “very good cause” was for interfering in other countries’ approved electoral process, or if it’s the same “good cause” of utilizing the American people under Operation Mockingbird and other unfamiliar states for geopolitical defeat finished by his predecessors.

I theory we should all nap good at night resting positive that Neocon James Woolsey is not an confidant for America’s stream unfamiliar policy. However, there is still fight monger H. R. McMaster who wanted/wants to send upwards to 50,000 troops into Syria, which thankfully Trump has denied … at slightest for now.

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