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FOR SALE: The State of the Union Address

For Sale, The State of the Union Address.
For Sale, The State of the Union Address.

The State of the Union Address is now for sale.

“Please make a special State of the Union grant to have your name promote on the Official Donald J. Trump for President livestream.”

You have got to be teasing me.  The President of the United States is actually selling the ability to have your name crawling over the State of the Union residence and nobody is batting an eye.  This man has brought us so low that he can sell time on a debate to both houses of Congress and it’s actually being ignored since the rest of his control is so ridiculous.

How distant are we from, “This territory of my debate is brought to you by Koch Industries.  Remember, Koch industries when you wish a firm that really stays on the RIGHT side of the aisle.”  Then he talks about what a good year it’s been on the batch marketplace since of his policies.  Koch then gives him a few million dollars in promotion income and he pops that into his campaign fund which bypasses the boundary on particular contributions.

If you give $35 you will have your name run opposite the live stream of the State of the Union residence and you’re speedy to give anywhere up to $2700 which is the particular limit.


In about 10 days the supervision will run out of income again.  Nobody can determine on immigration.  The country is bitterly divided.  And the boss is under review for treason.  Yet, he still is making noises about banishment the special prosecutor.  In the center of all this, he has the gall to charge a price to run your name opposite the screen over the State of the Union address.

What does he have to do to go too far?


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