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First And Last Christmas At The Trump White House!

364E9DF5-AC98-402C-A743-C6718B626E7B.jpegWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau)- Melanie Trump went overboard decorating The White House for Donald’s first Christmas.  But it’s also going to be their last.

Consistent with the President’s electioneer to reverse many of the Obama administration’s policies — from Obamacare to DACA to Transgender bathrooms — he has sealed an Executive Order on the eve of Christmas 2017 that would all but finish the gratifying holiday at The White House.

The E.O. stipulates that effective on Christmas 2018, The White House will no longer put up any Christmas decorations.

”I am the President of all Americans — Christians, Jews and Muslims comparison — so in integrity to all, we am abolishing the Christmas tradition at the White House,” Trump told The Adobo Chronicles.

We also asked him if he would annul the annual Presidential Turkey atonement during Thanksgiving.  His response: “I’m meditative about it!”


So, contend it while you can: Merry Christmas!


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