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Feds Shut Down 50,000 Fake Websites on Cyber Monday

WASHINGTON – Several thousand copyright-infringing website domain names and third-party marketplace links selling tawdry pharmaceuticals, automotive tools and other feign equipment to gullible consumers have been criminally and administratively seized and private in an bid that combines the resources of global law-enforcement agencies and industry.

There were roughly 50,385 illegal domain names seized and 320,701 e-commerce / social media links private over the past year as partial of Operation In Our Sites / Project Transatlantic VIII, a corner beginning between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Europol, Interpol and members of attention to crackdown on people using the Internet to discharge tawdry products and other copyright-protected element that bluster the health and reserve of shoppers. The beginning was concurrent and upheld by the ICE-led National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center).


The global coercion movement highlighted the effective partnership between law coercion authorities from 27 countries, anti-counterfeiting associations and attention representatives, who done estimable contributions to the success of this operation. Brand owners and attention organizations representing name-brand shoes and apparel, cosmetics and personal caring products, active wear and sporting and party associations participated in this effort, and were only obliged for targeting links on renouned e-commerce sites and social media platforms selling tawdry goods.

“Targeting copyright-infringing websites that marketplace dangerous tawdry products to consumers and rivet in other forms of egghead skill burglary will continue to be a priority for law enforcement,” pronounced behaving IPR Center Director Nick Annan. “Strengthening the partnership with police authorities around the universe and leaders of attention will strengthen the crackdown on IP crimes, and denote that there is no protected breakwater for criminals committing these unlawful activities.”
“This glorious outcome shows how critical and effective team-work between law coercion authorities and private-sector partners is, and how critical it is if we are to eventually make the internet a safer place for consumers,” pronounced Europol Executive Director Rob Wainwright. “Through its Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition, Europol will continue to work closely with its partners to strengthen the fight against egghead skill crime online and offline.’’

This year, ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations arrested two Mexican nationals for allegedly handling a tawdry airbag business out of their chateau in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dina Gonzalez-Marquez and Emilio Gonzalez-Marquez were charged with conspiring to traffic in tawdry products and two depends of trafficking in tawdry goods. The two Mexican nationals facilitated the inventory and selling of tawdry airbag modules and airbag covers by their online website airbagsplace.com, and conducted in person sales of the tawdry goods.

As partial of HSI’s coercion actions the website domain name was seized and the businessman comment used to promote the illegal activity was close down. If convicted on the charges in the indictment, Dina Gonzalez-Marquez and Emilio Gonzalez-Marquez any face a orthodox limit chastisement of 10 years in jail and a limit excellent of $2 million.

Each year, the marketplace is flooded with tawdry products being sole at stores, on street corners and online. Additionally, criminals have taken advantage of the internet to deceive, sell and ship feign products directly to gullible consumers. The many renouned tawdry products seized any year embody watches, jewelry, handbags, wallets, wearing apparel/accessories, consumer electronics/parts, pharmaceuticals and personal caring products.

The IPR Center – rigourously codified in the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 – is one of the U.S. government’s pivotal weapons in the fight against rapist counterfeiting and piracy. The core uses the imagination of its 23 member agencies to share information, rise initiatives, coordinate coercion actions, and control investigations associated to IP theft. Through this vital interagency partnership, the IPR Center protects the public’s health and safety, the U.S. economy and the warfighters.

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