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FEDS: Sex Traffickers Will Target Atlanta During National Championship Game Week

Photo Source: The Register Citizen

ATLANTA – The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia is enlivening both adults and visitors to be wakeful of the probability of sex trafficking during the festivities happening in and around Atlanta this weekend and into next week. In short, if you trust it competence be, tell someone.

“Sex traffickers are inhuman people, and they use events like the National Championship diversion to manipulate their trade,” pronounced U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak. “These forms of events draw vast crowds of revelers, and sex traffickers mostly find to feat these forms of opportunities. We need everyone’s help in identifying those being trafficked for sex, and in bringing the traffickers to justice.”


Many times those who are being trafficked are homeless, runaway, or deserted children, but it is not singular to these groups. Traffickers also find out at-risk individuals, i.e. those people pang from sexual/physical abuse, or dependency, while also exploiting women and children from other countries – typically from bankrupt nations.

There are some signs that people should be wakeful of which may prove someone is being held against their will and trafficked for sex:

– They do not hold their own temperament or transport documents;
– They seem to humour from written or psychological abuse designed to intimidate, reduce and dismay the individual;
– They have a trafficker or caterer who controls all their income – the victim will have very little or no pocket money;
– They are intensely nervous, generally if the victim’s “translator” is their trafficker; and
– They are not allowed to pierce about by themselves and have little bargain of where they are.

Victims may also miss personal items, possessions, or luggage. They may not have a dungeon phone or job card. Most may also miss private space – a trafficker or an enforcer is always present. They many likely will not possess financial annals or marker documents, or have any believe about how to get around in a community.

The penalties for sex-trafficking are substantial, but can only be enforced with the help of wakeful citizens. If you wish to report a intensity sex-trafficking occurrence greatfully hit the FBI at (770) 216-3000.

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