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Facebook Handing Over More Info To US Government: “This Is What Facebook Was Designed To Do”

By Mac Slavo

Every year, Facebook gets tens of thousands of requests for information from governments worldwide, including hunt warrants, subpoenas, or calls to shorten certain kinds of content. And, according to a new report, those requests are augmenting at an shocking rate.

According to QZ.com, in the United States, the requests rose by 26% from the last 6 months of 2016 to the first 6 months of 2017, while globally, requests increasing by about 21%. Since 2013, when the company first started providing information on supervision requests, the US series has been usually rising—it has roughly tripled in a duration of 4 years.

This is shocking many and causing a regard about privacy.  Joe Joseph, from the DailySheeple, isn’t sugarcoating the reality of Facebook either.  “Duh. This is accurately what Facebook was designed to do,” says Joseph.

You have to remember that Zuckerberg had “seed money” and that seed income came from CIA front companies that put a lot of resources into this and…basically consider about it as like, sowing seeds; if you will. They knew that Facebook was gonna bear fruit. we don’t consider they satisfied just how big it would become. But we can tell you that they get so much information and intel from social media:  we don’t consider that it would go divided even if we wanted it to.


The supervision keeps requesting the information, and Facebook continues to approve with the government’s demands.  In the first 6 months of 2013, it postulated the government—which includes the police—79% of requests (“some information was produced” in these cases, the company says); in the first 6 months of 2017, that share rose to 85%. “We continue to delicately investigate any ask we accept for comment information — either from an management in the U.S., Europe, or elsewhere — to make certain it is legally sufficient,” Chris Sonderby, the company’s ubiquitous counsel, wrote in a post. “If a ask appears to be deficient or overly broad, we pull back, and will fight in court, if necessary.”

But Joseph thinks Facebook is just trying to soften the simply manipulated sheeple of society. “This is flattering discouraging when you consider about what you put out there, what they collect, and Facebook only being one of the many avenues that they have,” Joseph says. “The United States is collecting your data. Whether you like it or not. They are scooping up everything. And they’re holding it and they’re storing it in their trickery at Bluffdale, Utah which has the ability at this time to store every communication on the face of this earth for the next one hundred years.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Joseph continues.  “This is things that is unsuitable to me, but I’m sure, to a lot of you. And these companies have really left too far…they can refurbish your life and make anyone they wish a patsy.”

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