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Exxon Mobil to deposit $50 billion in US, citing taxation reform

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NEWS RELEASE / Darren Woods, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil:

At ExxonMobil, we devise to deposit some-more than $50 billion over the next 5 years to raise the business in the United States. These investments are underpinned by the singular strengths of the company and extended by the ancestral taxation remodel recently sealed into law.


In fact, as you have substantially seen, several companies have announced plans to deposit here at home, partly as a outcome of taxation reform, which among other things reduced one of the top corporate taxation rates in the grown world.

These certain developments will meant some-more jobs and mercantile enlargement opposite the United States in a innumerable of industries.

And it will element the estimable collateral spending in the United States that ExxonMobil has teed up in the coming years.

For instance, we will be investing billions of dollars to boost oil prolongation in the Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico, raise existent operations, urge infrastructure and build new production sites. This will create thousands of jobs, strengthen the U.S. economy and raise appetite security.

This comes on top of the large build-out of operations along the Gulf Coast where we are investing billions of dollars and formulating tens of thousands of high profitable jobs on a series of major chemical, enlightening and liniment projects.

These are peculiarity investments for the shareholders that are done even better by taxation reform. That’s good news if you‘re among the millions of Americans who own ExxonMobil batch directly or have surreptitious tenure by the many open grant funds, mutual supports or sell traded supports that are ExxonMobil owners.

These are all probable since of the apparatus bottom grown by the attention along with sound taxation and regulatory policies that create a pro-growth business meridian here in the U.S.

The new changes to the U.S. corporate taxation rate joined with smarter law create an sourroundings for future collateral investments and will serve raise ExxonMobil’s competitiveness around the world. We’re actively evaluating the impact of the reduce taxation rate on the economics of several other projects now in the formulation stages to serve raise the comforts along the Gulf Coast.

Good to see sound policy laying the grounds for America’s future mercantile success.

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