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Ex-Staffers Admit To Sharing Nude Photos of Congresswoman


WASHINGTON – Two former staff employees of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives pled guilty currently to charges stemming from the dissemination of private, bare images and videos of the member and the member’s spouse.

Juan R. McCullum, 36, of Washington, D.C., and Dorene Browne-Louis, 45, of Upper Marlboro, Md., entered the guilty pleas in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. McCullum pled guilty to two sovereign cyber-related charges and two District of Columbia offenses, including swindling to divulge passionate images and attempted first-degree wrong announcement of a passionate image. Browne-Louis pled guilty to one sovereign cyber charge and the District of Columbia offense of swindling to divulge passionate images. The Honorable John D. Bates scheduled McCullum’s sentencing for Mar 8, 2018 and scheduled Browne-Louis’s sentencing for Apr 23, 2018. Each of the sovereign charges carries a orthodox limit of a year in jail and any District of Columbia offense carries up to 180 days in jail.


McCullum’s plea, which is fortuitous on the Court’s approval, calls for an agreed-upon judgment of one year and 361 days of incarceration, with all but one year and a day dangling on the condition that he successfully completes two years of supervised probation. During his probation, McCullum would be compulsory to perform 100 hours of village service.

Both defendants were indicted in Jul 2017 following an review by the United States Capitol Police.

According to statements of offense filed as partial of the guilty plea, McCullum worked from Apr 2015 until Jun 2016 in the Del. Stacey Plaskett’s legislative bureau in Washington, D.C. Browne-Louis worked in the same bureau from Jan 2015 until Apr 2016.

According to the documents, during the march of his employment, McCullum offering in Mar 2016 to support the House member in repair the member’s malfunctioning, password-protected iPhone by holding the device to a internal Apple store. The House member supposing McCullum with the device only to have it repaired. The House member after supposing the cue so that the device could be unbarred by the Apple store only for the purpose of having the iPhone repaired. McCullum was not given permission to take, copy, or discharge any of the essence of the iPhone. The iPhone contained the private, bare images and videos.

In Jul 2016, the papers state, after McCullum left the House member’s staff, he intent in a march of control that enclosed formulating a Hotmail comment and a Facebook social media account, using a fictitious name, to discharge and post the private, bare images and videos. In addition, he done Browne-Louis wakeful that he was in possession of the images from the iPhone. Further, McCullum speedy others on social media to redistribute the private, bare images and videos in the member’s congressional district. Browne-Louis assisted by providing McCullum with e-mail addresses and other hit information to discharge the images. Browne-Louis also distributed one of the private, bare images to a person who was operative on the campaign of a challenger to the member’s primary election. McCullum and Browne-Louis accepted their actions did cause, and were likely to cause, romantic mistreat to the House member and spouse, as good as the member’s re-election, the defence papers state.

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