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Ex-Medicare conduct says Trump ‘purposely’ lifting insurance premiums

The former conduct of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under President Obama blamed President Trump on Friday for rising health-care premiums around the country.

Andy Slavitt, who was behaving CMS director from 2015 to 2017, accused Trump on Twitter of “purposely raising” health-care premiums as partial of his devise to let ObamaCare “implode.”

“I ran this supervision group under President Obama,” Slavitt wrote. “Make no mistake. Trump is intentionally lifting people’s premiums.”

Slavitt was reacting to news reports that Oklahoma’s health commissioner was blaming the Trump administration for blank a pivotal deadline to approve a waiver for the state, which Oklahoma officials contend will mean higher premiums for thousands of residents.

“Three days later, over health devise joining and rate filing deadlines, Oklahoma is forced to repel the waiver ask due to the disaster of departments to yield timely waiver approval,” Oklahoma’s health commissioner Terry Cline wrote to administration officials progressing Friday.

“The miss of timely waiver capitulation will forestall thousands of Oklahomans from realizing the advantages of significantly reduce insurance premiums in 2018,” the minute added, observant commendatory the waiver would have helped some-more than 130,000 Oklahomans and reduced premiums by 30 percent.

Trump has frequently threatened to finish pivotal ObamaCare payments to insurers and let the program “implode” amid GOP efforts this year to finish the health-care law.

The Oklahoma minute emerged Friday after Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned following reports that his use of military flights and private jets cost some-more than $1 million given May.

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