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Eminem Rips ‘Kamikaze’ Trump Over NFL, Gun Control and Puerto Rico in Shocking Freestyle

Photo Credit: BET

Eminem, the rapper who built a deeply cryptic career by portraying a misogynistic villain, is vouchsafing the universe know around freestyle that he actually “f*cking hate[s]” President Donald Trump and disavows all the president’s been doing.

The bomb shred comes pleasantness of the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

“We better give Obama props/Because what we got in bureau now is a kamikaze/That will substantially means a nuclear holocaust,” he raps. 


He blasts the boss for using the NFL debate as a means to equivocate doing his job. 

“Plus he gets an outrageous reaction/When he attacks the NFL so we concentration on that,” he spits. “Instead of articulate about Puerto Rico or gun remodel for Nevada/All these terrible tragedies and he’s wearied and he/Would rather means a Twitter charge at the Packers.”

Eminem also calls Trump a believer of “Klansmen,” criticizes his fondness with Steve Bannon and raises a fist in support of black lives before laying into his own fans.

“Any fan of cave who’s a believer of his/I’m sketch in the silt a line, you possibly for or against/And if you can’t confirm on who like some-more and you split/On who you should mount beside, I’ll do it for you with this/The rest of America mount up/We adore the military and we adore the country, but we f*cking hatred Trump.”

The diss is notable, given Eminem’s outrageous recognition with the white male demographic that voted for Trump.

Watch the full clip below.

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