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Electromagnetic Pollution: Why Aren’t Consumers Made Aware Of It?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Pollution!  It’s a smart but murky word installation something many people try to equivocate contributing to, but not many folks comprehend what causes it and how it affects them.

Humans and record are the primary contributors to ALL pollution, possibly inadvertently or deliberately.  Manufacturing processes; receiving tender materials and resources (mining and timberland destruction, etc.); and technological ‘advances’ – some-more mostly than not – are the major contributors along with vehicular exhausts and ever-increasing highway traffic.

Man-made wickedness and its harmful ecological and inauspicious health effects have been referred to as “anthropogenic activity,” definition changes done in Nature done by people.  Here are some of the some-more ordinarily famous wickedness problems:

Agricultural; Air; Chemical; Hazardous Waste; Light; Noise; Radioactive; Soil; Thermal and Water


However, the above wickedness inventory is not complete!  Missing are:

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs); Microwave Radiofrequencies (RFs); Non-thermal Radiation; and Solar Radiation Management (SRM), aka “chemtrails” or weather geoengineering

Only one—SRM—of the above 4 wickedness sources is manifest to humans, if only we will demeanour up from the dungeon or iPhones to see what’s happening in the skies above the heads.



The other 3 are invisible to the exposed human eye, but not to human physiology and other vital organisms, including plant life!

Let me ask, Can you see the wind?  No!  What you actually see are the effects of breeze blowing, in many cases, i.e., trash, leaves, etc. being replaced and scattered, but you really can't see the breeze per se.  You can feel it, though!  You can see a hurricane cloud shaped by the wind, but wind per se is not manifest to the exposed eye.

That is the analogy we like to use to explain Electromagnetic frequencies, Radiofrequencies, and Non-thermal radiation, which the x-ray attention and its premiere veteran organisation ICNIRP pontificate does NOT exist!  However, ICNIPR acknowledges Thermal effects!

Even yet the human eye can't see electromagnetic frequencies in many cases, they positively exist; can be ‘seen’ using certain monitoring apparatus privately built to magnitude them [1-2]—so they are proven to be there!   However and yet unseen, their participation in the atmosphere is real, all-pervading and minister to the sea of electromagnetic frequencies we constantly are being bombarded with – or, as some would say, softly ‘electrocuted’ by!

The stream mania with dungeon phones, iPhones, Smart phones and other microwave-propelled technologies, e.g., Wi-Fi, AMI Smart Meters, Routers, LAN networks, etc., create wickedness few are wakeful of but all are influenced by adversely.

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