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Duterte assures De Lima of her reserve | Read what Duterte said

Sent thousands of violent content messages, suspended from her categorical position in supervision and told she will be sent to prison, it’s been a severe week for Filipino Sen. Leila de Lima.

“It’s been hell,” she says.

De Lima is the Philippines’ fiercest censor of the country’s new strongman boss Rodrigo Duterte, and she says his “personal vendetta” has her frightened for her safety.

But discordant to her fears, the boss has positive her of limit confidence and that she should not be fearful of her safety.


“I’m a boss for the country, both my supporters and opposition. I’m thankful to win support of all sectors and as such we would make certain everybody is safe. All the exchange with you would be oversee by law. The law shall take its own march with interference.” – Duterte said.

Duterte, referred to in the media as “Duterte Harry,” has implemented an internationally cursed fight on drugs in which some-more than 3,400 purported drug dealers and users have been killed. But there is also a battle at the heart of supervision between Duterte and de Lima, stemming mostly from de Lima’s antithesis to the way the fight on drugs has been carried out.

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