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Duterte, Aquino Endorse Senatorial Candidates For 2019

FA49961C-AF58-4D58-B00D-9DFDD5D47390.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The 2019 Philippine senatorial election is just around the corner, and intensity possibilities are bustling seeking presidential endorsements.

It goes but observant that Kris Aquino has the publicity of her brother, former President NoyNoy Aquino.

Without asking for it, thespian and singer Sharon Cuneta got the publicity of her life from no reduction than President Rodrigo Duterte, something that her husband, Opposition Senator Kiko Pangilinan is not happy about.

Well, bargain with it, Senator Pangilinan.

Wow. Thank you very much, Mr. President, Sir, my “Tatay Digong”!!! All politics aside and with all due honour to my husband who so understands my “wala akong pakialam sa politika” stand, we got this changed present of a summary (taken a few evenings ago) from President Rodrigo Duterte himself!!! You may not know this but Davao City Mayor Sarah and we have been friends given 2012. We never cared about any other’s politics, yet we venerate her as much as she, a “Sharonian” as the President himself once said, must venerate me too. we am sanctified that she and we are frank and courteous adequate to apart politics from what after all is some-more durability – the friendship. Now we have this summary to value forever! ALL POLITICS ASIDE, Excuse me po, pero si Pangulong Duterte po ito! So contemptible am not contemptible but in fact, am thrilled! Maraming salamat po, Mr. President. Ang yabang ko po ngayon dahil dito! And one day, we shall sing your favorite “IKAW” for you! God magnify you po. May the Father in sky beam you and lead you only to what will make the country great. (Thank you Kiko for your bargain and honour for me as your very apolitical/unpolitical wife.) Posting with permission. ( Kuya Chet, we know you’re happy but inggit ka no?!!! Hahaha!)


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