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Dramatic bodycam video shows officer being dragged for over half a mile

Pembroke Pines, Florida — (Scroll down for video) — At 8:35AM members of Century Village confidence were summoned by a proprietor who celebrated two people – a man and a lady – defunct or unconscious inside of a parked automobile located at 1110 SW 125 Avenue. A transparent baggie containing an different piece could be celebrated inside of the vehicle, and the people were non-responsive. Fearing a probable overdose, confidence alerted police to the incident.

When the officer arrived he done entrance into the automobile in an try to check on the gratification of the occupants who remained unresponsive. After being awakened and making written hit with the officer, the male think – after identified as Thomas Cabrera – placed the automobile into drive. Our officer reached into the automobile at this time in an try to forestall the think from leaving the stage in a presumably marred state which would discredit the village and the reserve of the passenger. The think proceeded to leave the stage at a high rate of speed, and dragged the officer for over half a mile wherein the officer was sticking to the automobile to equivocate being run over.


During this time Pembroke Pines Fire-Rescue was responding inside of the village per the initial overdose call. As Fire-Rescue approached the journey vehicle’s location, the think intentionally changed his instruction of transport towards them in an try to means a pile-up which would follow the officer from his vehicle. Fire-Rescue had to commence shy maneuvers in sequence to forestall the suspect’s automobile from making hit with them.

When the think finally slowed his speed as he approached the Century Village exit located at 129 Avenue and Pembroke Road, the officer dynamic this to be the safest event for him to recover his hold and to hurl divided from the vehicle’s tires. Our harmed officer was immediately attended to by a backup officer and Fire-Rescue, and he was mishap alerted to Memorial Regional Hospital with critical injuries.

The think proceeded to exit the Century Village formidable while officers were in office with full lights and sirens activated. Our officers followed the think automobile as it done its way on to I-75 northbound, and then to eastward I-595. Multiple units from several jurisdictions assisted the group during this chase. As the think approached the area of SR-7 the alley forward became blocked with traffic, and he eventually came to a stop whereupon the officers were means to take think Cabrera and the womanlike newcomer safely into custody.

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