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Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed Is a Cesspool, and It’s Only Getting Darker

In the past week on Twitter, Donald Trump has taken a potshot at “Chuck and Nancy,” permitted an purported child sex abuser for Senate, called for a protest of CNN, and joked about awarding a “Fake News Trophy” to the many prejudiced news network. But a series of retweets Wednesday from a British ultranationalist feed, any containing unverified video of “Muslims” and “Islamists” committing acts of assault and vandalism, may have been his many nakedly peremptory yet.

If the president’s continued attacks on “fake news” poise an obligatory hazard to American democracy, then the outlets he deems legitimate offer constrained justification he’s “losing his hold on reality,” as “The Art of the Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz celebrated Wednesday night.

Before Trump’s tweets, Jayda Fransen enjoyed teenager prominence as the emissary personality of Britain First, a far-right domestic transformation whose goal is to inform Great Britain of Islamic influence. The hatred organisation has waged large campaigns against multiculturalism, and the British press mostly refers to its members as fascists, according to CBS. When white jingoist Gardener Thomas Mair shot and stabbed Labour MP Jo Cox last year, he regularly shouted the difference “Britain First.”

Fransen herself was found guilty of religiously aggravated nuisance after verbally abusing a Muslim lady wearing a hijab during a “Christian patrol” in Luton progressing this year. After the boss of the United States unprotected her to his 43.6 million followers, bots and all, the convicted law-breaker tweeted the following: 


The rest of Britain seemed noticeably reduction enthused. Theresa May condemned Trump’s tweets, nonetheless the Tory primary apportion has resisted the Labour Party’s call to cancel Trump’s arriving state visit, while Jo Cox’s husband has accused Trump of attempting to legitimize the distant right in Britain. Even a proven Islamophobe like InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson seemed alarmed.

Trump’s curtsy to Britain First comes just 4 days after he related to an essay cataloguing his many “accomplishments” in bureau from a website called Magappill, which takes its name from the president’s own jingoist campaign aphorism and a reddit forum for men’s rights activists. (An reference to “The Matrix,” “red-pilling” is the internalization of nonconformist views per race and gender.)

Like Britain First, Magapill peddles dim fantasies about imminent sharia law, but its paranoia is not cramped to a sold racial or eremite group. As ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum reveals, the site has speculated that Lady Gaga is a suggestion cooker in a globalist cabal, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta ran a child sex ring out of a Washington pizzeria, and the Vatican is a practitioner of mystic magic, among other swindling theories. (In at slightest one of its tweets, Magapill employed triple parentheses to imply a theme was Jewish, a renouned tactic of neo-Nazis and white nationalists during the 2016 elections.)

If these developments aren’t harrowing enough, Alex Jones suggested this week that he’s in unchanging communication with Trump, and that the boss repeats what he tells him “word-for-word.” Jones is a relentless self-promoter, and there’s every reason to think he’s inflating his change in the White House. But that doesn’t meant there isn’t some-more than a heart of law to his boasts. When Trump done his scandalous explain that Muslims were celebrating on the rooftops of New Jersey during 9/11, it was an InfoWars article he cited. That the boss of the United States trusts the word of a Sandy Hook truther should be means adequate to practice the 25th Amendment.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton against a backdrop of $100 bills with a star of David dogmatic her the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” (At the time, he called it a sheriff’s star.) He has given retweeted a meme from an anti-Semitic Twitter user and a apart twitter from a distinguished Pizzagate truther with ties to the alt right, so it’s easy to boot his latest activity on social media as nonetheless another diversion, this time from a extravagantly unpopular taxation check wending its way by Congress. 

We shouldn’t. Trump may or may not be a madman, as the New York Daily News argued Wednesday, but his efforts to will his own delusions into reality bluster the reason of the whole country, not to discuss large lives.

Jacob Sugarman is a handling editor at AlterNet.

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