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Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Rises Above IQ For First Time

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Rises Above IQ For First Time
Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Rises Above IQ For First Time

WASHINGTON, DC—The news of Donald Trump’s capitulation rating reaching 45% in one opinion check has been labelled “historic” by White House officials, who currently reliable the President’s capitulation rating has risen above his IQ for the first time.

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, refused to endorse Trump’s tangible IQ but concurred he was the first boss in U.S. story to strech the ancestral milestone, capping off a year of many firsts for America’s top office.

“No President has ever finished it before and all within his first 12 months. He just keeps startling us all. It’s remarkable,” Sanders said. “President Trump is impossibly unapproachable of himself and good he should be.”


With this being the only opinion check to show Trump’s capitulation rating at 45%, there are also varying reports on the President’s IQ, with estimates trimming from as high as 44 to as low as reduction 8.

Regardless, an understandably joyous Trump revelled in the news that he finally had the recognition to compare his undoubted intelligence.

“Of march we all know we always had the brains, and OBVIOUSLY the looks, but now we have the recognition too. #TotalPackage” the President tweeted his 44 million followers.

“I’m getting numbers that no President has ever got,” he continued. “Barack could only dream of getting numbers like mine.”

“Obama was so unpopular,” Trump added, of the man with 92 million Twitter followers. “His capitulation rating NEVER went over his IQ once in 8 years. He never even came close. Pathetic!” Former President Obama did not respond to the twitter directly but did like it.

With such certain numbers opposite the board, Trump will now concentration only on his golfing encumber having had such little time to spend on the march so distant as president.

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