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Donald Trump Jr. Denies Any Ties To White House

Donald Trump Jr. Denies Any Ties To White House
Donald Trump Jr. Denies Any Ties To White House

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WASHINGTON, DC — Just hours after testifying before the House Intelligence Committee that his assembly with Russian officials had “no connection” to the 2016 U.S. election, Donald Trump Jr. has strongly denied any organisation to the White House.

In a matter review by his lawyer, Sergei Mikhailov, the American President’s son heartily denied “any and all ties to the stream administration in America”.

“Donald Jr. has no impasse with the White House or the American supervision whatsoever,”  Mr. Mikhailov said. “All issues relating to the American supervision have been placed resolutely in the hands of the President’s other children—Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Baron.”

“My client does not really know Mr. Trump, has had no hit with him nor has he ever even held a personal review with him in his whole life,” Donald Jr.‘s profession added, dogmatic any reports to the discordant are “fake news”.

Furthermore Mr. Mikhailov announced that his client would never taint his attribute with the Russian supervision by deliberating domestic matters with the American government.

“My client would also like to assure any members of the Russian supervision benefaction here currently that my client has no divided faithfulness and is resolutely committed to compelling Russia’s interests both at home and internationally,” he said.

Sources inside the White House laughed off Donald Jr.’s claims, observant he “lied about everything” solely for having never had a personal review with his father in 39 years.

Meanwhile Trump’s critics have argued that Donald Jr. doing zero to actively help the American people, creates him the “perfect representative” of the stream White House administration.

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