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Donald Trump Has Spent More Than a Quarter of His Presidency at His Golf Resorts

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In 2016, Americans who work full time accrued an normal of 22.6 paid vacation days, yet only used 16.8, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The second figure represents a half-day boost over 2015. During Trump’s 11-plus months in office, he has already spent over 100 days on golf resorts, including some-more than one month any at his properties in New Jersey and Florida, per the Wall Street Journal.

Trump frequently mixes business and pleasure—he infamously enjoyed a “beautiful chocolate cake” at Mar-a-Lago while rising a bombing campaign on a Syrian airbase in April—but the final total for 2017 is notable given how frequently he criticized President Obama for golfing on the job. The New York Times reports that by his fourth month in office, Trump had already spent some-more time on the links than his 3 predecessors combined. The taxation income Trump has spent on golf carts alone could have bought 54,095 school lunches.

Common Dreams records that not only do the president’s excursions lift questions about his turn of seductiveness in governing, they also likely consecrate an ethics violation, as any outing advantages his properties financially. Prior to presumption office, the boss handed control of the Trump Foundation to his sons, Eric and Donald Jr., but refused to deprive from his business interests, which embody the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister and Mar-a-Lago; the boss calls the latter his “winter White House.”


“Critics including the supervision watchdog organisation Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)—which vowed to continue fighting against the president’s conflicts of seductiveness after their lawsuit against him was discharged this week—say Trump still increase off of his hotels, restaurants, and clubs,” writes Julia Conley. “Many of his properties have raised their rates since Trump began his term, lifting concerns that Trump and his company are profiting off his position in government, quite when unfamiliar leaders revisit them.”

On Christmas Day, the boss vowed to get back to work the next day in sequence to “make America good again.” That night the White House released the following press report for Tuesday, Dec 26:

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Jacob Sugarman is a handling editor at AlterNet.

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