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Domestic Abuser Sentenced After Survivor Jumps from Window to Escape His Violent Wrath

Photo Source: FBI

Baltimore — Donte Lynch was condemned to 10 years in jail with a uninterrupted 5 years dangling and 5 years of trial after being convicted of attack and forward endangerment of his child’s mother. Assistant State’s Attorney Mimi Zhuravitsky prosecuted the case.

On Mar 6, 2017, Baltimore Police responded to the 3200 retard of Massachusetts Avenue. At the scene, officers found a lady draining from the conduct and blood all over her hands. However, when her boyfriend —Lynch — showed up, she would not speak to the police and began to cry.


Lynch told police they had an argument. Officers asked the span to apart for the evening, but police watched both of them re-enter the victim’s home together. Police begrudgingly left the stage but after returned to a second call at the same plcae just about an hour later. They arrived to find fresh blood on the belligerent and via the yard. The victim — who police saw progressing draining from the head— told police that she jumped out of the window to get divided from Lynch.

Police found a bloody knife on the kitchen list of the chateau where the reeling took place and a broken mop on the floor. Blood was found all around the house.

The victim was taken to Shock Trauma, where she was treated for a broken foot and mixed bruises and lacerations all over her body.

“Intimate partner assault is one of the many dangerous crimes since it involves matters of the heart and mostly times strategy of the mind,” pronounced State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “I’m grateful that this dauntless survivor was means to shun what was clearly a life-threatening situation. we urge that probity and a substantial volume of time divided from her abuser will be adequate to reanimate her romantic and earthy wounds.”

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