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Did Trump Just Have His Benghazi Without the Mainstream Media Even Noticing?

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Four passed Americans.

It’s been 5 years given terrorists pounded the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, leaving 4 Americans dead. Last week, as CIA officers sheltered in wigs and mustaches testified in justice about the predawn waylay on the tactful compound, 4 other American soldiers were killed in adjacent Niger.

Most Americans may not even be wakeful that approximately 800 U.S. troops are stationed in Niger, a West African republic where jihadist groups have taken root. As partial of the everlasting fight on terror, the United States has also set up a drone bottom in Niger’s collateral city of Niamey. Contrary to his focused joining to retreat every policy put in place by his predecessor, President Donald Trump has motionless to lift on with the construction of a second drone bottom in Niger consecrated by Barack Obama.  


American forces have never been authorised to an central fight goal in Niger, a landlocked West African republic about twice the distance of Texas with a race of just over 20 million people. But they have prolonged been fighting against Islamic extremists in the country and surrounding region. On Oct. 4, 4 Green Berets were killed and two some-more harmed after their organisation of a dozen U.S. soldiers were ambushed while conducting a corner unit with about 40 Nigerien soldiers.

The New York Times reported that when the soldiers were ambushed, no American helicopters came to their rescue. Although Congress has never certified the goal in Niger — as is compulsory by the Constitution — the military’s Africa Command asked lawmakers for some-more help months before the attack, the Times also reported.

It stays misleading which terror organisation carried out the ambush, but there are reports that a new wing of the Islamic State that calls itself the Islamic State in Greater Sahara (ISIS-GS) had a palm in the deaths of the Special Forces troops — the first U.S. casualties in Niger.

Identified as Staff Sgt. Bryan Black of Washington state, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson of Ohio, Sgt. La David Johnson of Florida and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright of Georgia, the 4 passed Americans, partial of the Third Special Forces Group formed at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, haven’t perceived much attention. The White House pronounced Trump was told about the attack in Niger shortly after it happened last Wednesday night. A week later, he still hasn’t sent one twitter or expelled any central matter about the death of 4 Americans. He has combined some-more than 60 tweets about Benghazi, another terror attack in the same segment of Africa that resulted in 4 passed Americans.

The White House has remained curiously wordless about this terror attack, accurately the arrange of eventuality it would routinely use to measure domestic points. Even yet he sent Vice President Mike Pence to Indiana — at good taxpayer responsibility — to showboat over the dwindle at an NFL diversion on Sunday, Trump couldn’t be bothered to conduct to Dover Air Force Base to hail the flag-draped coffin of one of the soldiers he claims to respect on Monday. Instead, the boss was bustling personification golf with Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Recall how much was finished of President Obama’s turn of golf after interlude to residence the beheading of American James Foley by ISIS? Or the hours of wire news coverage clinging to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s supposedly treasonable statement to the lamentation families 3 days after the Benghazi attack?

Republicans were discerning to credit the Obama administration of crafting a inadequate domestic comment in the issue of Benghazi. Fox News told its viewers for years that Obama may have “sacrificed Americans” as partial of a “political calculation” to win re-election.

Now that such an attack has happened on Trump’s watch, where are the presumable accusations of a stand-down order?

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the flourishing U.S. confidence contractors who were on the belligerent in Benghazi during the militant attack, slammed Clinton for lacking a “sense of urgency.” Just one week before the Niger ambush, Paronto suggested in a tweet that Clinton unsuccessful to stop the attack given she didn’t consider the consulate staff American:

Donald Trump used a identical articulate indicate frequently on the campaign trail.

Noting that U.S. envoy Chris Stevens, a personal crony of Clinton’s, was among the victims, Trump pronounced in a Jun 2016 speech: “What she did with him was positively horrible. He was left infirm to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed.”

Trump has remained so wordless on Niger that Breitbart News was successfully duped over the weekend by a satire comment that tweeted presidential condolences. The sadly conspicuous law that the Trump-loving regressive media is burying is that these soldiers’ autocratic officers have finished statements — but their commander-in-chief has not.

While it was immediately apparent that regressive outrage over the  Benghazi attack was secure in politics, we now know that much of its greeting was also a projection of what they would have finished in power. The response to the ambush in Niger makes transparent that Benghazi was never about embassy security, just as the explanation that both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have used personal emails while in the White House showed that regressive outrage over Hillary Clinton’s emails was never about secure supervision communications. 

Not one distinguished figure in the Republican Party would brave advise that Trump’s slight of the waylay serves to serve a domestic comment — one that claims one ISIS’ power of terror is in decrease on his watch.

Following the waylay in Niger, Fox News has unsuccessful to discuss the barbarous terror organisation in its few on-air reports of the 4 passed Americans. Instead, the regressive wire news network reported on Monday that U.S. troops were on the verge of successfully using ISIS out of Iraq. On Tuesday, Fox News horde Greg Gutfeld delivered a monologue demanding that Trump be given the credit.

Bombing the crap out of them, killing everybody they know — it seems to work. Who would have thought? Oh, yeah, President Trump. It’s something for which he gets no credit. He’s literally finale ISIS … So giggle all you wish about the sleepy phrase, “There’s a new policeman in town.” we consider ISIS got that message. And while we have to clever of the “mission accomplished” syndrome, what is definite is that ISIS is off the front pages and on their last legs.

Behold the mythmaking in action

Fox News producers no doubt know that Niger could be Trump’s Benghazi given they combined the media and domestic philharmonic of Benghazi out of scarcely nothing. While the boss has kept his detractors dreaming with sparse drama, Fox is assisting him brush a genuine liaison under the rug.


Sophia Tesfaye is the Deputy Politics Editor at Salon.

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