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DiCaprio and Schwarzenegger Slam Trump’s Offshore Oil Drilling Plan

L: Leonardo DiCaprio (carrie-nelson); R: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Frederic Legrand – COMEO) / Shutterstock

Arnold Schwarzenegger slammed President Trump’s plans to dramatically enhance offshore oil and healthy gas drilling.

“Don’t hold California. If you wish to drill, do it off Mar-a-Lago,” the former California governor and vocal Trump critic tweeted Monday, referring to the president’s review in Palm Beach, Florida. “Or better yet, demeanour to the future, follow California’s lead and go immature and we can all breathe easier. The U.S.’s largest economy is scarcely 50 percent renewable. #ProtectThePacific.”

Earlier this month, the Trump administration due to boost new offshore oil and gas drilling off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The proposal drew criticism from liberals and conservatives alike, who advise that such operations at sea could display coastal areas to the risks of blowouts, explosions, inauspicious spills and seismic blasting.


Schwarzenegger, a Republican, has emerged as a distinguished environmentalist and renewable appetite proponent. He has also thrown his weight behind an prolongation of California’s cap-and-trade program sealed by his successor, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

“Our fishing, tourism, and distraction industries occupy hundreds of thousands of good people,” Schwarzenegger continued. “Our coasts are an mercantile bullion mine. Do not put them at risk.”

Actor and obvious environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio similarly spoke out against offshore drilling around Twitter and enclosed the same #ProtectThePacific hashtag seen in Schwarzenegger’s tweet.

Controversially, a week after the Trump administration’s proclamation was made, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke said Florida is “obviously unique” and “off the table” from the list of states that could see increasing offshore oil drilling after a defence from the state’s Republican governor, Rick Scott.

The pierce immediately stirred politicians and environmentalists from coastal states around the country to call for their states to also be exempt. According to the New York Times, “at slightest 15 governors of coastal states, one-third of them Republican, have publicly against Mr. Trump’s offshore drilling plan.”

Schwarzenegger’s chatter is same to filmmaker and associate Trump critic’s Michael Moore threat to frack off the seashore of the president’s Florida vacation home after the drilling devise was announced.

“We’ll be drilling right off the seashore of Mar-a-Lago. God Bless You Donald Trump for making this possible! The oil we cavalcade just off your beach will compensate 4 the whole show! And any spills – we’re going to let the ppl of Florida keep whatever they collect 4 free!”

Moore also responded to Florida’s dismissal from the drilling proposal.

“WAIT! WHAT? Trump’s stealing Florida from the list of states to do offshore drilling after I’ve already rented my fracking apparatus to cavalcade off Mar-a-Lago? Three days after we announce, he does this? Bastard!”


Lorraine Chow is a freelance author and contributor formed in South Carolina.

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