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Dell’s XPS 15 gets the 2-in-1 treatment, and Radeon RX Vega graphics

Large, 15-inch two-in-ones can be unmanageable devices, but that isn’t interlude manufacturers from making them. Dell denounced the new XPS 15 automobile at CES, finish with a pattern that resembles the strange 15-inch XPS laptop while including upgraded processors and graphics chips. The new XPS also has a stylus that works with the device’s touchscreen.

Dell didn’t radically change the pattern of the bigger XPS, but it did conduct to things a lot of energy into its 16mm-thick, 4.3-pound frame. Inside are 8th-generation Intel CPUs, and any indication comes with Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics with 4GB of high bandwidth memory. The strange XPS 15 laptop has an discretionary Nvidia GPU (Intel HD Graphics 630 comes standard), so the new automobile is a better option if you wish dissimilar graphics in a default configuration. The XPS 15 automobile will also support up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB SSD.

To support the softened processor and CPU, Dell redesigned the inside of the appurtenance to use GORE Thermal Insulation, just like in the new XPS 13 laptop. The new structure should forestall the framework from overheating and assist in energy management. Dell also enclosed a new heart sensor in the XPS 15 automobile that uses a gyroscope and an accelerometer to establish how the device is being used, in what position, and where, all while better handling feverishness and performance.

The XPS 15 automobile has an discretionary Windows Hello fingerprint reader on the energy button, but Dell also enclosed an IR camera standard. That means you can use Windows Hello facial recognition to clear the device, which is an overdue perk. The XPS 15 automobile still has that ungainly webcam chain next the display panel, but it’s some-more useful and serviceable than the unchanging webcam on the laptop chronicle since the device can flex into mixed positions. It’s still frustrating that Dell insists on gripping the front-facing camera next the display (especially deliberation its Latitude line manages to put the webcam in a normal spot, atop the display). But at slightest as a convertible, the new XPS 15 can scrupulously use the IR camera when in several use position modes.


Both the FHD and 4K display options are touchscreens, and Dell done a new stylus to work with the XPS 15 convertible. Like many other active pens, this one has 4,096 levels of vigour attraction and lean functionality, permitting you to take records and blueprint like you were using a pencil and paper. The stylus also attaches magnetically to the side of the new XPS 15, which should help you keep lane of the stylus and yield an easy way to bring the stylus with you wherever you take the convertible.

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