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Dear Cell Phone Radiation Warning Naysayers, MeThinks Thou Protests Too Much

By B.N. Frank

We Went Through This Already with Big Tobacco.  Where There is Smoke, There is Usually Fire.

There’s a lot of “He Said, She Said. They Said” going on right now with Cell Phone Radiation announcements, research, and warnings.

The California Department of Health released a dungeon phone deviation reserve leaflet a few weeks ago, here. But, according to Huffington Post,  it’s still tough to figure out what’s going on with them.

Last week Popular Science editor, Sophia Bushwick, took some shots at the CA Department of Health’s proclamation and brochure.


This seems weird given the CA DOH wasn’t the first to announce research, advisories, or warnings about dungeon phone and wireless radiation.  There’s been investigate given the 1970s that has proven harm.  Some of this investigate was saved by the U.S. Government.  Some was saved by Motorola.  Many media sources have reported this over the years.

In 2011, The World Health Organization released a report that dungeon phone and wireless deviation was a Class 2B Possible Carcinogen.  Comedian, Stephen Colbert seemed to make clarity of it.

Most of us adore record – including dungeon phones and other wireless devices.  Unfortunately dungeon phone and wireless deviation isn’t sorcery or angel dust.  It’s x-ray deviation – like what cooks food in a x-ray ovenCurrent laws and regulations per new record are over 20 years old and formed on old-fashioned research.  They do not request to how many record is being used currently which is flattering much almost all the time.  Still the laws and regulations sojourn the same.

Back when new record was introduced, dungeon phones and dungeon phone mins were really costly so they were used sparingly.  Since making all of this so affordable, we are constantly exposing ourselves to x-ray deviation – like what cooks food.  There is convincing investigate that says this is damaging yet not everybody will be spoiled accurately the same way or to the same grade (here, here, and here).

We went by the same thing with Big Tobacco.  They had medical professionals promote cigarettes as being healthy starting in the 1930s (see links at finish of article).  Eventually they weren’t allowed to do that anymore.  In 1964, they were forced to put warnings on cigarette packs.  It done some impact but many still smoked – including doctors who smoked while they treated patients.  Smoking doctors were featured in TV shows and movies.  The 1978 movie, Coma comforts Michael Douglas as a doctor.  He and other medical professionals smoke inside the hospital lobby.

I know a U.S. Army maestro who served abroad in the early 1970s.  He didn’t smoke before he was drafted.  He told me that the Army supposing soldiers with free cigarettes.  Smokers were allowed to take breaks and non-smokers were not.  He knew about the warnings but he wanted to take breaks.  He pronounced the saying, “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” originated in the U.S. Military.  Wikipedia says so also.

Big Tobacco managed to keep us not terribly endangered about smoking for a couple some-more decades.  Smoking was allowed in designated spaces in many places including health caring comforts and schools.

But we’ve come a prolonged way, Baby.  Or have we?  Even after category movement lawsuits and settlements were done a decade or so ago, this “War on Tobacco” wasn’t really over.  Big Tobacco still paid lawyers for 11 years to interest the court’s decision.  In Nov 2017, they finally had to stop.

Follow the Benjamins and you’ll find many organizations accept appropriation from the Wireless Industry.  This includes the American Cancer Society.

Lawmakers have perceived donations from this attention as well.  Here’s the relapse on that, finish with cake charts and tables.

We can wait for experts to all determine that dungeon phone and wireless deviation is damaging and start cheering it from the rooftops.  Or we can keep in mind that old observant – “Where there’s smoke, there’s customarily fire.”  Same as it ever was.

Links with old cigarette ads featuring doctors.  Old commercials may be found on YouTube. 

Time.com:  “Your Doctor Wants You to Smoke” display of vintage cigarette ads in the New York Public Library.

CBSNews.com:  “Blowing smoke: Vintage ads of doctors endorsing tobacco”

New York Times: “When Doctors, and Even Santa, Endorsed Tobacco”

New York Times:  “In Old Ads, Doctors and Babies Say Smoke”

Consumerist:  “Old Cigarette Ads: Doctors, Nurses, And Rock Hudson Say It’s Good For You”

CBS Sunday Morning:  “Outrageous Vintage Cigarette Ads”

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