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Dealmaster: Sonos feels the HomePod heat, offers two Sonos Ones for $349

Update 1/26/18 (4:02 PM ET): Sonos has simplified that it intends to make both Alexa and Google Assistant permitted to users on the same device after this year. Our strange story follows.

Original post: Audio device builder Sonos this week announced a understanding in which it will offer two of its Sonos One smart speakers for $349. The offer, a $49 discount, went live at several retailers on Friday. It will sojourn in outcome for “a singular time,” according to the company.

The understanding appears designed to deflect off any traction that Apple competence benefit with its much-anticipated HomePod speaker, which launched on Friday for the same $349 cost tag. Apple has advertised the HomePod as a tiny Internet-connected home orator focused on audio quality, a marketplace difficulty where Sonos has been clever in new years. Like the Sonos One, Google Home, and Amazon Echo, the HomePod will also bond to a voice assistant—in this case, Siri—to answer questions, send messages, and play music, among other tasks.

That said, the HomePod is rising with a few poignant caveats: It won’t be means to span with a second HomePod and stream multi-room audio, its voice commands do not support any music streaming service besides Apple Music, and Siri is generally seen as defective to Alexa and Google Assistant for this category of device. It’s also comparatively expensive.


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