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Dave Chappelle Has Some Bad News for the ‘Dumb White People’ Who Voted Trump

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Comedian Dave Chappelle pronounced he “feels sorry” for “poor whites” who got scammed by President Donald Trump.

“The bad whites are my slightest favorites,” the comedian says in a preview of his arriving Netflix special, “Equanimity.”

He pronounced “dumb white people” who corroborated Trump were swindled, since the boss had no goal of assisting them but instead is serve enriching abounding Americans — like Chappelle himself.


“I’m station there meditative in my mind, you reticent motherf*cker,” Chappelle says. “You are bad — he’s fighting for me!”

Chappelle, who lives in farming Ohio city Yellow Springs, pronounced he sees Trump supporters all the time, and he pronounced they’re not as horrible as they’re done out to be.

“To my surprise, you know what we didn’t see? we didn’t see one abominable face in that group,” Chappelle says. “I saw some angry faces, and some dynamic faces — but they felt like decent folk.”

“In fact, I’m not even lying, not to sound f*cked up, but we felt contemptible for them,” Chappelle adds. “I know the diversion now. we know that abounding white people call bad white people ‘trash,’ and the only reason we know that, is since we done so much income last year, the abounding whites told me they contend it at a cocktail party — and I’m not with that sh*t.”


Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story. 

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