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Clarence Thomas Must Resign

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Utah Republican Orrin Hatch called “bullcrap” on Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown last week. The Senate Finance Committee lion tore into Brown for “spewing” that the Republican taxation devise to send a trillion dollars to the abounding was in reality a Republican taxation devise to send a trillion dollars to the rich.

I got my first sip of Hatch during the wall-to-wall coverage of the acknowledgment of Clarence Thomas, George H.W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee. Hatch was the Republicans’ designated questioner of Anita Hill. She was called to attest since she’d told the FBI that Thomas had sexually tormented her 10 years earlier, when he was her boss at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Education.

Sitting behind her were her mother, Erma (“who is going to be celebrating her 80th birthday”); her father, Albert; her sisters, Elreathea, Jo Ann, Coleen and Joyce; and her brother, Ray. No way she was going to distortion to the committee, or to us, in front of them.


Hill testified that Thomas had regularly asked her out, and that she regularly refused. So he demeaned her. He told her someone had once “put a open hair” on his Coke can. He pronounced porn star Long Dong Silver had zero on him in the capacity department.

Hatch called her charges “contrived” and “sick.” He claimed she’d stolen them. The pubic hair, she’d taken from page 70 of “The Exorcist.” Long Dong Silver, she’d carried from a Kansas passionate nuisance case.

Hill concluded to a polygraph test, and passed. Thomas refused. He called the hearings a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks.”

It was unpleasant to watch Hatch muck Hill. Women who’d also been sexually tormented found in the hearings no reason to be reduction aroused of revelation their stories. Nor, later, could they take comfort in how Bill Clinton’s accusers were reviled. Or Bill O’Reilly’s. Or Roger Ailes’s.

But something changed. The tipping indicate may have been Donald Trump bragging to Billy Bush about assaulting women. Sixteen of his victims had the bravery to contend he’d tormented or groped them.

I wouldn’t be astounded if Trump’s shun from burden for that predation contributed to the decisions by Harvey Weinstein’s victims to speak on the record to Jodi Kantor and her New York Times colleagues and to Ronan Farrow at the New Yorker. Before long, some-more than 80 women attested to Weinstein’s assaults as distant back as 1990.

Then 9 women gave the Washington Post minute accounts of Alabama Republican senatorial claimant Roy Moore’s story of pedophilia and abuse. They knew the blowback would be brutal. They did it anyway.

Still, Moore won’t quit. Why would he? Kay Ivey, Alabama’s Republican governor, says she’ll opinion for him even yet she believes his accusers. Better to elect a pedophile than a Democrat who’d opinion against a Supreme Court carefree who’d overturn Roe v Wade.

Now Senator Al Franken is in the crosshairs. The Minnesota Democrat offering an reparation to Leann Tweeden for “completely inappropriate” function in 2006, which she accepted, and he asked for an ethics review of the incident. Calls for his abdication illustrate the misconception of fake equivalence; they’re the witch-hunt Trump claimed had victimized him.

Hill was a entirely convincing witness. Thomas has no stronger case for his ignorance than do Trump, Moore or Weinstein. Pressed to urge Trump’s passionate improprieties, his press secretary pronounced the American people “spoke very shrill and transparent when they inaugurated this president.” No to put too excellent a indicate on it, but she’s spewing bullcrap. Elections don’t confirm culpability.

In the arise of the Hill/Thomas hearings, a record-breaking 117 women done it onto the sovereign sheet in the 1992 election. The 24 women inaugurated to the House that year was the largest series in any singular House election, and the 3 inaugurated to the Senate tripled the series of women senators.

That pointy uptick didn’t persist. If you consider that today’s 80% male Congress isn’t good enough, check out Project 100, which is operative to elect 100 on-going women to Congress by 2020, the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. Full disclosure: my daughter is a co-founder. As her dad, and as the onetime speechwriter for the first presidential claimant to collect a lady as his using mate, you can suppose how unapproachable of her we am. And how carefree she and her immature teammates make me feel.





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