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Chance The Rapper Uploaded An Entire Concert To YouTube … For Free


Chance The Rapper continues to invert the swat diversion in every way imaginable.

Whether it be pioneering the record deal-less trail or using full-blown gospel choirs in his singles, for about 5 years now, while the rest of the swat diversion has been zigging, Chance has been zagging. And his latest instance of skill also demonstrates Chance’s best peculiarity — his heart.

Wrapping up his 2017 Summer Tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Chance and his group had the shining thought of live streaming the show to YouTube in hopes of bringing attention, and donations, to those ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Not only did Chance live stream the show, but it appears he’s uploaded it henceforth to YouTube for all of his fans to enjoy. All he asks is that you present here.

Kid is just 24-years-old, nonetheless he’s already got a Grammy in his back pocket, and the people of Chicago wish him to be their Mayor. Chance’s career is going to be the things of legends.

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