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Celebrities Dare Trump Supporters To Boycott Their Movies Until Conservatives Respond

It’s not accurately a secret that many celebrities don’t like Donald Trump. Scores of them threatened to leave the country during the election if electorate chose him over Hillary Clinton, nonetheless nothing of them actually followed by with their threat. The new tactic is to tell Trump supporters that they don’t wish them examination their films — but that fast backfired.

Actresses Ellen Pompeo and Olivia Wilde both recently lashed out at fans of theirs who also upheld Donald Trump. Pompeo is best famous for her role as Meredith Grey in the radio show “Grey’s Anatomy”, nonetheless she has also seemed in films like “Old School” and “Catch Me If You Can”. She started the brouhaha with a twitter revelation Trump supporters to go “f***” themselves.



And it only got worse from there:



She then fired off a twitter revelation Trump supporters she didn’t wish them as fans:


Even when womanlike Trump supporters who were fans of hers reacted with sadness, she still refused to back down:



And she done certain to let everybody know that this was all her:


Meanwhile, singer Olivia Wilde, who has starred in the radio show “House” and cinema like “Tron: Legacy” also jumped on the anti-Trump train.



This may not work out as good for them as they consider it will, though; Trump supporters make up a vast partial of the population. And if their tools start drying up, then will their supposed “principles” have been worth it?

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