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U.S. Once Again Discussing “Military Action” Against Syria Over Alleged Chemical Weapons

March 6, 2018 By Brandon Turbeville As the Syrian supervision fast gains belligerent against the terrorists in East Ghouta, the United States is once again deliberation military movement against Syria under the guise of a “response” to purported but disproven claims that the Syrian military is using chemical weapons. The …

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The Victims Of the Ghouta Siege MSM Doesn’t Want You To See

By Brandon Turbeville As the Syrian supervision continues its operation to acquit East Ghouta from Western-backed terrorists, the Western media is revamping its Aleppo promotion to fit the new location. Stories of the “brutal” Assad intentionally bombing civilians, dropping “barrel bombs,” using chemical weapons, and hospitals that will certainly be …

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Vanessa Beeley Exposes Entertainment Industry/NGO Network Pushing White Helmets Propaganda

By Brandon Turbeville Perception supervision has enlarged been a facet of the widespread minority (aka “Deep State”) that controls the military, political, financial, and industrial sectors of life in the Western world. Perception supervision is not only undertaken by domestic sermon in the domestic area but even some-more so by …

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As Nation Debates Gun Control, US Military Wants $716 Billion for Next Year

By Darius Shahtahmasebi As Americans discuss domestic gun control following the mass sharpened at a Florida high school last week, appropriation for military arms has evaded open scrutiny. The United States Department of Defense recently expelled its outline of the 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) with little fanfare. The first thing to …

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MSM Screams About East Ghouta But Ignores Victims of “Rebels” In Damascus

By Brandon Turbeville As the Syrian supervision launches its operation to retake and acquit the area outward of Damascus famous as the East Ghouta, Western corporate media outlets are on fire with excitable accusations of “Assad and Russia’s fight crimes” and “barrel bombs.” Indeed, if you listen to the corporate …

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Former CIA Director James Woolsey Admits CIA Interferes In Foreign Elections For A “Very Good Cause”

By Aaron Kesel Former CIA executive James Woolsey has certified the U.S. interferes in unfamiliar elections for a “very good cause.” In an talk on Fox News, former CIA Director James Woolsey was asked either the U.S. interferes in other countries’ elections, Woolsey responded, “Well, only for a very good means …

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