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Civilians Of Liberated East Ghouta Praise Syrian Army, Curse Terrorists, Contradict MSM Reports

By Brandon Turbeville The Western media is flaming with reports of “barrel bombs” “last hospitals” and the “brutality” of Assad and Russia. The United States supervision along with the United Nations ceaselessly harp and cry about the detriment of life incurred by civilians as a outcome of the operation to …

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Syrian Military Uncovers Terrorist “Chemical Weapons Workshop” In East Ghouta

March 12, 2018 By Brandon Turbeville According to reports from Sputnik International, the Syrian Army has claimed that it has unclosed a chemical weapons “workshop” in East Ghouta after having released the domain where the seminar was located. After unconditional by the encampment of Aftris in Eastern Ghouta following the …

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