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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider review—no gods, no kings

reader comments 50 Game details Developer: Arkane StudiosPublisher: Bethesda SoftworksPlatform: Windows (reviewed), Xbox One, PS4Release Date: September 15, 2017ESRB Rating: M for MaturePrice: $30Links: Steam | Official website Ten mins into Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, we suspicion it was a sharp standalone further with smart automatic improvements over its predecessor. …

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“Comic-Con” heading may have to activate superpowers to tarry attack

reader comments 110 The future presence of the copyright term “Comic-Con” is at stake. The heading is confronting its intensity doom since of the authorised fallout from the producers of the San Diego Comic-Con flexing their IP muscles. They sued a competing “Comic-Con” gathering for using the unhyphenated form of their …

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NTSB: Tesla’s Autopilot UX a “major role” in deadly Model S pile-up [Updated]

reader comments 205 On Tuesday the National Transportation Safety Board met to plead 2016′s deadly Tesla Model S pile-up in Florida. NTSB did not have any major new commentary over those we reported in June, nor did its commentary differ from a National Traffic Highway Safety Administration review into the …

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Trump’s self-driving automobile strategy: Don’t umpire self-driving cars

reader comments 117 On Tuesday, the Trump administration expelled a request laying out its prophesy for the self-driving automobile industry. Titled “Automated Driving Systems 2.0,” it gives recommendations for automobile manufacturers, record companies, and state regulators about how to hoop the self-driving automobile revolution. The many critical judgment in the …

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