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Sci-fi’s biggest costumes and props land in a single, mind-boggling auction

reader comments 31 If you’ve ever suspicion that your mantelpiece or bureau bookshelf is deficient but an M41A Pulse Rifle—or maybe Monty Python‘s derisive French horseman helmet—then you and your large wallet are in luck. On Tuesday, Sep 26, Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia will horde an online auction, and, if …

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Video diversion voice-actor strike competence finally be over

reader comments 45 Eleven months of variable between distinguished voice actors and video diversion producers seem to finally be over, according to an proclamation from behaving kinship SAG-AFTRA released on Monday. The strike’s biggest adhering point, per “secondary compensation” (aka royalties or residuals), appears to preference diversion publishers, not actors. …

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PUBG vs. Fortnite: A game-genre copycat face-off heats up

reader comments 65 It’s inevitable: every time a extravagantly successful video diversion comes along, imitators fast follow in its footsteps. The tradition began with Pong and Pac-Man clones, and that use has continued on PCs, consoles, and smartphones ever since. “Homages” at best and “blatant ripoffs” at misfortune have always been a partial of the …

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