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The first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks positively goofy

reader comments 68 The trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is here, and it looks concurrently ridiculous and self-important. This trailer is audiences’ first demeanour at the film—very little information about the tract and few images were suggested previously. The crux of the storyline seems to be that Bryce Dallas …

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DeepMind AI needs small 4 hours of self-training to turn a chess overlord

reader comments 109 We last listened from DeepMind’s widespread gaming AI in October. As against to progressing sessions of AlphaGo besting the world’s best Go players after the DeepMind group lerned it on observations of pronounced humans, the company’s Go-playing AI (version AlphaGo Zero) started beating pros after 3 days of playing against itself …

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If you enjoy the absurd and extreme corner of comics, SyFy’s Happy may be for you

reader comments 13 The beauty of comics may be the gigantic operation of stories they can tell. Unlike film and television—with the concomitant restraints of those media due to prolongation costs, promote standards, ratings potential, etc.—comics can simply get as crazy and talented as a author wants. Happy, SyFy’s new …

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Shall we play a game? WarGames gets interactive reboot from Her Story dev

reader comments 27 As several creators demeanour toward the new year, Dec seems to bring with it a new trailer every day (Batman Ninja? Altered Carbon? Black Mirror just this morning before a Dec 29 launch). But one teaser stood out from the ravel this morning—because when you invoke WarGames, we nerds compensate attention. …

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Quentin Tarantino pronounced he elite Trek over Star Wars, now he has a film idea

reader comments 84 This evening, both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter forsaken reports that would cut by any doctrinaire sports- or politics fan’s timeline. High aesthetic, foul-mouth discourse auteur Quentin Tarantino reportedly has an thought for a new Star Trek movie, and he’s already approached Trek cinema careholder JJ Abrams. Both party outlets endorse …

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