Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Study Subjects Needed By University Research Team

By Catherine J. Frompovich Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or idiopathy environmental dogmatism (IEI) results from bearing to electromagnetic waves (EMF/RF/ELF) due to the strenuous blast of ‘smart’ record appliances and gadgets which use possibly microwaves or some other call on the electromagnetic spectrum. Source Source Note EMF-emitting appliances concerned in the …

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Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment

March 29, 2017 By Derrick Broze At a new geoengineering contention two Harvard engineers announced plans for a real-world meridian engineering examination commencement in 2018. The scholarship of geoengineering has increasingly turn a partial of the open review around meridian change and an ever-controversial subject within the systematic community. Geoengineering is …

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Science Speaks Out About Electromagnetic Frequencies Harms

March 30, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Are humankind, and all life forms on Planet Earth, streamer toward a inauspicious physiological event ensuing from vested-interest businesses, industries and promotion campaigns advancing a meme that has morphed into an concurred addiction?  That addiction, or dependency, is to cat-scan record ‘smart’ gadgets …

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