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Driverless cars became a reality in 2017 and frequency anyone noticed

reader comments 69 On Nov 7, Waymo announced it would start frequently contrast entirely driverless cars—without a reserve driver—on open roads. It was a useful announcement. A record that had seemed like scholarship novella a decade progressing became a reality. And the proclamation was greeted with a boredom by much …

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Driverless automobile from GM’s Cruise and motorcycle hit in San Francisco

reader comments 108 An unconstrained automobile owned by Cruise, the unconstrained automobile startup that was acquired by GM last year, struck a motorcyclist on San Francisco streets progressing this year. According to a filing with the California DMV, the motorcyclist was means to walk divided from the pile-up but reported …

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BMW i: An electric, autonomous, vehicular “Skunk Works”?

reader comments 42 I like when automobile makers get experimental. By their nature, automobile makers are routinely regressive beasts, but swell requires trying new things, even at the risk of the occasional failure. Often, these automotive experiments are carried out by racing departments—always catnip to nerds like me who start …

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