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Bosch joins Intel, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, buys interest in mapping company Here

reader comments 19 On Thursday morning, Bosch announced that it is shopping a five-percent interest in the mapping and plcae services company Here. In doing so, it joins other shareholders Audi, BMW, Daimler-Benz, and Intel—the automakers having bought the company for $2.7 billion from Nokia in 2015, with Intel then …

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Navistar CEO: We’ll have some-more electric trucks on the highway than Tesla by 2025

reader comments 7 In an talk with Trucks.com, the CEO of general truck-maker Navistar pronounced that his company would have some-more electric trucks on the highway than Tesla by 2025. CEO Troy Clarke’s explain is a bit of a red-delicious-to-granny-smith comparison, though, as his company has, so far, only announced …

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Does a reduce “total cost of ownership” boost electric automobile sales?

reader comments 60 In 2015, battery-electric vehicles in Japan, the UK, California, and Texas were rather cheaper than normal gas or diesel vehicles—as prolonged as you’re comparing all these vehicles using their sum cost of tenure (TCO). Although low-emissions vehicles are mostly some-more costly by plaque cost than inner explosion …

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