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5 things we schooled from Waymo’s big self-driving automobile report

reader comments 92 Waymo just forsaken a 43-page white paper called the Waymo Safety Report that provides a resources of new sum about Waymo’s vision for the self-driving automobile product the company is getting prepared to launch. Officially, the request is a regulatory filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which …

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There’s an app for that? We speak about building for cars with iHeartRadio

reader comments 6 The infotainment systems in new cars are almost the many simply detectable change of how consumer record is changing the automobile industry. A decade of smartphones has changed the expectations; now we’re accustomed to visit updates that automobile makers are still trying to hang their business models …

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Dutch supervision wants all new cars to be emissions-free by 2030

reader comments 61 On Tuesday, the fractured Dutch supervision announced a bloc of several heading parties and put brazen a roadmap for the Netherlands’ future. Besides reaffirming the country’s support of the EU and charity taxation and immigration plans, the bloc pronounced that it wanted all new cars to be zero-emissions …

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How the lidar-on-a-chip record GM just bought substantially works

reader comments 8 General Motors has acquired Strobe, a lidar startup that could give the hulk automaker a leg up in the race to make self-driving cars a mainstream technology. Kyle Vogt, founder of the self-driving automobile startup Cruise (which GM acquired last year), announced the merger in a Monday blog post. Lidar—short …

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