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Daimler enclosed emissions-cheating program on diesels, German repository says

reader comments 89 US investigators are looking into either Mercedes primogenitor company Daimler used illegal program to lie emissions tests on diesel vehicles in the US, according to German journal Bild am Sonntag, whose report was picked up by Reuters. Though the review itself is not new—it was reported as …

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Distracted driving: Everyone hates it, but many of us do it, study finds

reader comments 55 Insurance company Esurance has a new study out on dreaming driving, and it creates for engaging reading. Almost everybody agrees dreaming pushing is bad, nonetheless it’s still remarkably prevalent. Even drivers who report frequency pushing dreaming also report that they rivet in distracting behaviors. The study also …

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Mercedes-AMG’s C63 S Cabrio has it all: Power, sound, fuel use, and cost

reader comments 26 The immeasurable chasm between “want” and “need” is a space dirty with high-cost products, be they high-performance automobiles or super-premium ice cream. While the sclerotic effects of 55 percent (or 11 grams) of the daily endorsed dose of jam-packed fat in one portion of Ben Jerry’s Chubby …

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