New Human Memory Technology in Development: Another Potential Mind Control Tool?

By Paul A. Philips Recent neurological investigate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has yielded some engaging radical insights into how the smarts work with courtesy to memory formation. It has led to the ongoing growth of new memory record that enables neuroscientists to locate, lift or even erase …

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Innovative Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Recycling Old Computers Instead of Trashing Them

By Jack Burns Eric Lundgren, an innovative mechanism engineer, may have to spend 15 months in jail for saving the sourroundings and recycling computers. Even yet Lundgren has a successful mechanism recycling business, the suspicion of throwing divided or destroying so many PCs was unsettling. So he hatched a devise …

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Daimler enclosed emissions-cheating program on diesels, German repository says

reader comments 89 US investigators are looking into either Mercedes primogenitor company Daimler used illegal program to lie emissions tests on diesel vehicles in the US, according to German journal Bild am Sonntag, whose report was picked up by Reuters. Though the review itself is not new—it was reported as …

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Project Loon group gave Puerto Rico connectivity—and fabricated a helicopter

reader comments 24 AUSTIN, Texas—”So this happened—this is Sep 2017,” Juan Ramírez Lugo, boss of the AAAS Caribbean division, tells the assembly at the 2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Conference. The slip that shortly greets the room depicts an almost surreal reality: the accessible energy (or …

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Good news: Chrome debuts involuntary restraint of irritating ads

reader comments 26 Google developers this week debuted a long-anticipated underline in Chrome that automatically blocks one of the Internet’s biggest annoyances—intrusive ads. Starting on Thursday, Chrome started filtering ads that destroy to meet a set of criteria laid out by the Coalition for Better Ads, an attention group. The …

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