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In Keeping With Anti-Refugee Agenda, Trump Policy Adviser “Rejected” Positive Report

Like a devoted tick, Stephen Miller Trump’s comparison policy confidant hangs on, conversion Trump on critical issues like immigration, refugees, and unfamiliar relations. It seems partial of that change is to “reject” a report that doesn’t determine with his worldview or make it easier to spin divided refugees. Stephen Miller stays …

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California’s Attorney General Announces Lawsuit, Challenging ‘Medieval’ Trump Wall

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra held a press discussion just stairs divided from the limit with Mexico nearby San Diego to announce his plans to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the limit wall, which he calls “medieval.” He believes there is sufficient reason to contend that Trump’s …

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What Problems Does Graham-Cassidy Fix? Nine GOP Senators Don’t Know And Don’t Care

A contributor asked 9 Republican senators what medical issues they wish to fix with the Graham-Cassidy bill, and theory what? They don’t know and they don’t care. That’s not what they said, of course. When Vox’s Jeff Stein asked about their last-ditch ACA dissolution effort, they all gave some chronicle …

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Reality Check: Sean Spicer Claimed He Has ‘Not Knowingly Lied’ To The American People

Sean Spicer on Good Morning America Fact: Sean Spicer, nonetheless not heavily covered on the site, has one PolitiFact anticipating of “true.” He has 3 pants on fire ratings, the many blatant of lies. Percentage-wise, 72 percent of his statements were rated “half true” or untrue. Alternative Fact: Spicer told Good …

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More Of Trump’s ‘Best People’: High-Level USDA Post Given To Trump Campaign Rep

Trump chicken, USDA post… get it? Trump is famous to designate totally utter people to high-level jobs in his administration, and some new picks to work at the USDA are adhering with that plan. In gripping with this unintelligible support for incompetence, the Trump administration has allocated a lorry motorist …

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