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Obama’s Deep State Leaker Unleashed A Frightening Attack On Trump!

Barack Obama’s Deep State has unleashed an harsh attack on Donald Trump. Illegal leaks have allowed the supposed “mainstream” media to swamp the Trump administration down in artificial scandals. Now one Deep State leaker suggested her frightening motivations. Reality Winner was arrested for leaking personal information about purported Russian nosiness …

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What The Oakland Raiders Did To White QB Who Stood For Anthem May Land Them In Prison … Disgusting!

Armstrong and Getty is a renouned morning drive-time radio show airing in 6 states – California, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington State. Today they reported that a source they called “Deep Route” was told by an descent lineman for the Oakland Raiders, that his territory lay down so …

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Governor of U.S. Virgin Islands Rises Up, Issues Shocking Trump Message!

As we speak, Democrats and the mainstream media are trying to spin the conditions in Puerto Rico into President Donald Trump’s chronicle of Hurricane Katrina. Well, one Caribbean personality is not going along with media’s script. According to Newsmax, Governor Kenneth Mapp of the U.S. Virgin Islands expelled a open matter …

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