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Once Upon A Time There Were Aluminum-free Adjuvant Vaccines: What Happened?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Do you comprehend that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines do not need clinical approval?  It’s the vaccine that gets approval—that’s the technicality as defined by several eccentric vaccine researchers! That being said, aluminum is a haughtiness venom with neurotoxic inauspicious effects and illusive “cause and effect” associations …

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Europe Cries “Never Again” As It Repeats History of Censorship And Euthanasia

February 2, 2018 Op-Ed by Brandon Turbeville After Europe’s comfortless knowledge during the second universe fight at the hands of Nazis, many Europeans have prided themselves as being the tip of the stalk of “tolerance,” “anti-racism,” and “liberal” policies. Though the horrors of the Soviets and Communism are frequency mentioned, …

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The Strange World Of Vaccines, Pregnancy And Children

By Catherine J. Frompovich Something very bizarre has happened given we complicated health, nourishment and holistic health sciences and matriculated in prenatal and tot nutrition.  Back then, profound mothers were suggested to take no medications, not even an aspirin!  All drugs were to be delicately “vetted” by the female’s obstetrician-physician …

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A Precautionary Look At The Current “Flu” Season

By Catherine J. Frompovich Why do we have such a destructive flu, pathogen or other “biological or genetically modified, Nano-particulate entity” season inspiring human health thereby ginning up ‘flu’ statistics to satisfy fear and pestilence levels? That’s the doubt I, a retired health veteran and consumer health researcher given the …

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The Internet of Things and the FCC: Failure Rate Approx. 75%, Millions Already Hacked, Tax Dollars Spent

By Phil D. Coffers “Security Experts Warn Congress That the Internet of Things Could Kill People…” Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his family have already perceived death threats since he voted to finish “Net Neutrality.” This is unfortunate.  What is equally hapless is that he also supports a …

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Another Article Dismisses ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) Without Mentioning that EHS is the Same Thing as “Microwave Sickness” Discovered in the 1950s

By B.N. Frank Writer Christopher McFadden is likely in his early 30s.  He wrote this article: “Is It Possible for You to Be Allergic to Wi-Fi?” What’s blank from this essay is that there is no discuss that what is now referred to as “EHS” or “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome” is …

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