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Why the Financial System Will Break: You Can’t “Normalize” Markets that Depend on Extreme Monetary Stimulus

January 3, 2018 By Charles Hugh Smith Central banks are now trapped. In a nutshell, executive banks are earnest to “normalize” their financial policy extremes in 2018. Nice, but there’s a problem: you can’t “normalize” markets that are now wholly fortuitous on extremes of financial stimulus. Attempts to “normalize” will …

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War on the Poor: Jeff Sessions Rescinds Legal Doc That Ended Debtors’ Prisons

By Rachel Blevins In further to his “War on Cannabis,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently suggested that he is also in preference of a “War on Poverty,” when he rescinded a authorised superintendence request that was meant to finish illegal debtors’ prisons. While debtors’ prisons are labeled as institutions to …

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Jay Clayton’s SEC Protects Wall Street Racketeering

By Aaron Kesel Empirical evidence indicates policy changes seem to be crippling watchdog organizations from addressing and impediment those on Wall Street committing fraud. Many controversial authorised supplies are transpiring within the sovereign complement of justice, which victims of white collar crimes are great tainted about making rascal easier to get …

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