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Canadians Celebrate American Thanksgiving By Giving Thanks They’re Not American

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IN what is being described as a major mangle from tradition, Canadians opposite the creation are embracing and celebrating American Thanksgiving this year, privately giving interjection they’re not American.

For the first time ever, despite celebrating their own Thanksgiving only 6 brief weeks ago, adults of the good White North are coming together with family and friends to give interjection they’re not currently staying in the United States.

“When you see what’s going on down there, privately in the past 206 days, it really just puts things into perspective,” one Canadian lady posted on facebook. “Makes you wish to squeeze your desired ones close and appreciate God nothing of you are American.”

Another man who described himself as a “proud Canadian”, currently certified he was celebrating an American holiday for the first time.

“Last year we indispensable life saving medicine we couldn’t means and the Canadian supervision didn’t let me die, so yeah, I’m flattering grateful I’m not American,” he tweeted.

CBC News interviewed one internal Calgary family, the Roberts, who were bustling going around the cooking table, any giving a reason because they’re grateful to not be from the USA.

“Abortion, gun control, oh, oh, Trump, Spacey, Harvey Weinstein!” announced the youngest child. “Oh, those are good ones,” Mrs Roberts replied, reminding the children of the significance of bargain accurately because to be so grateful they’re not partial of the 50 states.

The Roberts’ eldest daughter, explained some of the differences between the two countries she’s many grateful for, saying:

“You know it’s the little things. Like when we go to the mall or to school in Canada I’m like a lot reduction likely to be killed by an attack purloin than if we were in the States, so I’m grateful for that we guess… And you know, medical has its uses i suppose.”

Meanwhile in a televised address, Prime Minister Trudeau stopped brief of dogmatic the day an central Canadian holiday but reminded Canadians to remember those reduction fortunate.

“Today, let us all come together and remember that no matter what I’m doing, it could be worse,” the PM pronounced in the House of Commons. “All Canadians should give interjection we didn’t have to select between Clinton or Trump. Not every country is so propitious to have such extraordinary politicians as Canada.”

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