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Can Marijuana Help With Anorexia?

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Given the proven energy of cannabis to promote weight benefit in chemotherapy and AIDS patients, it’s reasonable to ask either weed competence help in cases of anorexia nervosa. The clinical evidence, yet slight, is a resounding No! No, no, no, no, no. It is a bad idea. Terrible. Wretched. Did we discuss it’s not so great?

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The source of this alarm is a 1983 study of 11 subjects who added doses of THC to their customary anorexia treatment. None gained any weight, but 3 gifted “significant penetrating disturbance,” including “paranoid ideations.” In other words, they had the bone-head fear, and they had it bad.

Munchies-induced eating can help some people who humour from anorexia reexamine their loathsome of food and even enjoy it again.


Unlike AIDS and chemo patients, who want to eat but are too queasy or miss craving signals, an anorexic’s temperament is tied to the desire not to eat. That’s radically the whole illness. Anorexia is about control—counting calories, disciplining appetites, constrained the physique to fit the dictates of the will. Accordingly, while, in some cases, the inebriating aspect of pot can palliate that ironclad self-discipline and concede an anorexic to let go, in other instances, it poses a terrifying hazard to the clarity of self.

Similarly, munchies-induced eating can help some people who humour from anorexia reexamine their loathsome of food and even enjoy it again. With others, however, the postprandial distress only intensifies the disastrous emotions compared with the disease. It can even lead to self-harm.

Anecdotally, pot has helped particular anorexics. But the clinical justification suggests that some-more than a entertain of those who try the cannabis heal will have horrifically bad experiences. Those are not moving odds.


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