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California Just Might Declare Itself a ‘Sanctuary State’ for Legal Weed

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SACRAMENTO (CN) — A California lawmaker is aiming to strengthen the state’s budding pot attention by exclusive law coercion agencies from auxiliary with sovereign drug agencies on pot busts.

Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles, says his check “protects the will of California voters,” who overwhelmingly ratified pot in 2016.

His proposal, which would create a supposed refuge pot state, came reduction than a week after recreational pot became authorised in California, and was sparked by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ proclamation of a federal policy shift on coercion of pot laws.


Jones-Sawyer pronounced California electorate done it transparent they don’t wish Sessions’ “cannabis-centric fight on drugs” waged in the Golden State.

“The vigilant of Assembly Bill 1578 is to yield state agencies with the insurance they need to defend state laws but sovereign interference,” Jones-Sawyer pronounced in a statement. “What Jeff Sessions is proposing is not a return to ‘Rule of Law’ as he claims; instead he is holding divided entrance to cannabis for children with ongoing diseases, cancer patients, seniors and veterans.”

The magnitude would forestall internal and state law coercion agencies from aiding sovereign authorities on pot activities that are authorised under California law, but a justice order. Jones-Sawyer’s check would also bar state agencies from providing the sovereign supervision with information on protected pot growers and retailers.

The check is formed on a 2017 California law that restricts state law coercion agencies from auxiliary with sovereign immigration agencies. Sessions has called California’s immigration refuge check a “threat to open safety.”

This is the second time around for AB 1578, which stalled in the Legislature in Aug last year. The Assembly narrowly authorized Jones-Sawyer’s pot check 41-33 but it never done it to a opinion in the Senate. The American Civil Liberties Union and a horde of labor unions upheld the bill, which was against by California law coercion agencies.

Jones-Sawyer, a second-term representative and former Los Angeles emissary mayor pronounced the decades-long fight on drugs has had a manifold impact on minority communities and that his check will strengthen Californians from the sovereign government’s old-fashioned drug laws.

“The last time California upheld the sovereign government’s efforts, families were ripped detached and vicious state resources were used to detain some-more black and brownish-red people than ever before in the story of the state,” Jones-Sawyer said.


Nick Cahill is a margin contributor for Courthouse News Service formed in Sacramento.

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