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Bye Felicia! Steve Bannon ‘Steps Down’ From Breitbart

Oh, how the strong have fallen

In a twitter today, Tuesday, Breitbart posted an essay announcing that “Stephen K. Bannon stairs down from Breitbart News Network.” To gangling you from having to click (and thereby support) the “alt-right” (yes, yes, Nazi) outlet, we’ve quoted the whole – very brief – essay below:

“Stephen K. Bannon has stepped down from Breitbart News Network, where he served as Executive Chairman given 2012.

Bannon and Breitbart will work together on a well-spoken and nurse transition.

Bannon said, ‘I’m unapproachable of what the Breitbart group has achieved in so brief a duration of time in building out a world-class news platform.’

According to Breitbart CEO Larry Solov, ‘Steve is a valued partial of the legacy, and we will always be beholden for his contributions, and what he has helped us to accomplish’.”


As you can see, the essay offers no reason(s) for Bannon “stepping down,” but it’s not tough to make a competent guess: money.

As flattering much everybody knows by now, the recently published book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” by Michael Wolff caused utterly a stir between Bannon and Trump, with the latter aggressive the former on Twitter, job him – among other things – “Sloppy Steve,” and observant in a matter that Bannon had “lost his mind.”

Bannon was extensively quoted around the book, and his criticism about the Trump Tower assembly with Russians — “Even if you suspicion that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and we occur to consider it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately” — seems to have generally riled up the Trump family.

After Trump released a matter in which he called Bannon “a staffer” (he was Chief Strategist in Trump’s White House), and generally tried to downplay the role Bannon had played by his campaign, yours truly approaching Bannon to hit back at Trump with “fire and fury.” The popcorn was already in the microwave.

But alas, then the news pennyless that the intensely rich Mercer family, who has been subsidy Bannon financially for a prolonged time, had sealed their wallet. 

And instead, Bannon released the many un-Bannon like matter ever; it was unpleasant to read, even if you do not like Steve Bannon. The turn of cringing in it was astounding. However, even with all the groveling, there was no rejection or refuting of the tangible things he’d been quoted as observant in the book, which creates one consternation if there are tapes.

And now, Bannon is “stepping down” from Breitbart where he has been the top dog given 2012. You don’t have to be a “stable genius” to theory that the Mercer income played a big role.

All in all, we can’t contend we’re contemptible to see Steve Bannon go. And we wish him all he deserves in the times to come.

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